Corporate Insurance

Effectively managing corporate risk

To safeguard the interests of both employees and the company as an entity, it’s essential that corporate organisations mitigate risks wherever possible.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to secure life insurance for employees, and short-term commercial insurance for the firm.

At Octagon, we are able to assist with the procurement and management of both types of cover.

Life assurance

We specialise in corporate risk solutions, offering services to a range of corporate companies in various industries, and hold contracts with leading South African life companies.

We assist business owners with determining the correct level and type of insurance for its directors and employees.

This includes constructing appropriate key-man policies and expert advice in buy-and-sell agreements and policies.

Our corporate insurance services include:

  • Performing full risk profiles
  • Providing comparative quotes from top life companies and matching these to your employees’ insurance needs
  • Assisting your firm with the application process

Facilitating your firm’s annual reviews

Short-term insurance

Through the working relationships we have established with all South Africa’s major short-term insurance companies, we also provide access to top quality short-term commercial insurance solutions from a comprehensive selection of handpicked insurance houses.

We take the hassle out of short-term insurance by shopping around for the most competitive rates and cover for all of your commercial insurance needs, which is backed by our insurance division’s 40 year-strong institutional knowledge and expertise to help you make the best insurance decisions.

Our short-term commercial insurance services include:

  • Proving full assessments of your current short-term insurance cover, based on your company’s needs
  • Assessing your current commercial insurance cover for legal compliance and to ensure your company is adequately insured
  • Providing a range of comparative quotes from top short-term insurers
  • The professional handling of all claims