Employee Financial Planning

A full suite of employee Financial Planning solutions

With the move away from defined benefit retirement funds to defined contribution funds, the ownership of investment risk and return has passed from insurers to individual members.

Trustees are finding themselves under increasing pressure to offer members access to the services of Financial Planning specialists who are able to give them personalised advice.

With our years of experience in corporate retirement fund needs, our corporate team is ideally placed to assist trustees and employers in offering individual members a full suite of Financial Planning solutions.

Our ‘cradle to grave’ approach allows us to partner with individual members from the day they join the organisation to the day they retire – expertly guiding and assisting them in achieving their retirement aspirations.

Most defined contribution funds offer members access to several risk profiled portfolios. Employees sometimes find choosing the appropriate portfolio daunting, and often fail to regularly review their retirement fund portfolios, resulting in long periods of underperformance.

Our dedicated corporate consulting service assists members with choosing the correct portfolio based on their unique circumstances, and ensures that they review their portfolio on an annual basis.