If you can dream it, we can help you do it

What’s life for if not dreaming big, aiming high and making these aspirations reality?

No matter what goal you’ve got your eye on, we can help you achieve it.

As wealth navigators, our bespoke Financial Planning solutions allow us to securely manage various unique and highly differentiated investment options on your behalf, and to partner with you in attaining those aspirational life goals.

There are no stock standard products here, just tailor-made wealth management for the ultimate in personalised Financial Planning.

Managing and building wealth, made simple

We are an independent financial solutions company dedicated to building wealth for long-term financial freedom.

We have an affinity for people and making their money grow, and undertake rigorous Financial Planning processes with our private and corporate clients to craft simple, sensible wealth management plans that stack the odds in their favour.

A passion for people

Established in 2003 by passionate people-oriented accountant and banker Menachem Kay, the firm was born out of his desire to fight the industry trend of clients merely being numbers.

Our team of highly experienced financial experts shares this common heartfelt passion for people and helping them succeed.

As such, we manage our clients’ money based more on their individual risk profiles and less on the value of their investments through an approach built on transparency, trust and superior personal service.

We understand that the investment world invites second-guessing and buyer’s remorse, which is why transparency and compliance are high on our agenda.

Trust is nurtured by strictly adhering to the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) guidelines – a market conduct regulation approach designed by The Financial Services Board (FSB) to protect financial services consumers.

Unique private and corporate financial solutions

We provide our private clients with comprehensive, professional and unbiased financial advice.

This helps us protect and grow their wealth through tailored financial plans, and serve our corporate clients by assisting employers and trustees of retirement funds to better meet the needs of fund individuals.

Ultimately, we craft financial solutions that are unique to our individual clients; that are simple to understand and deliver optimal growth.

Through these solutions we empower our clients to make informed decisions to preserve their hard-earned capital and realise superior returns on their investments for the ultimate financial peace of mind.

Octagon Financial. Leading the way to financial freedom.