Business Continuity during Covid-9 Lockdown

Business Continuity during Covid-9 Lockdown

As announced by President Ramaphosa last night, South Africa will be placed under strict lockdown from midnight on Thursday the 26th of March until at least Thursday the 16th of April.

During this time it is clear that the normal course of business will be interrupted. Octagon Financial have endeavoured to structure our business in a manner to ensure the least disruption possible, given the constraints placed upon us.

The Over the past few months, we have migrated our business operations over to Microsoft One Drive and we have since run our entire business through the Cloud, meaning the physical presence of staff in our offices is no longer a pre-requisite for us to continue being of service to you. Our staff are all equipped with mobile laptops and connectivity, and will be able to connect to our remote server throughout the 3-week period of lockdown.

Importantly, the JSE and banks will continue to function over this period, and we will confirm the procedures in place with each provider as to their respective operations, and communicate with you as we receive clarity on these.

Your advisor and his/her support staff will be available throughout this period via email and mobile, and will continue to provide you with the professional service on which we pride ourselves.

While the offices are closed, please contact your advisor or assistant on the numbers below:

Ronel Stevens                    078-421-7031

Samantha Booyens         082-315-6085

Julia Moime                       082-646-4470

Abigail Esterhuizen         076-037-4354

Vanessa Cronje                 083-629-4539

Kate Nyathe                       066-217-2366

Joanne Holton                   083-461-9733

Wishing you and your family remain safe and healthy over the period ahead.