Limiting the financial impact of Covid-19

Limiting the financial impact of Covid-19

As you no doubt know, South Africa has begun to feel the economic impact of Covid-19. In his address to the nation on Sunday evening, President Ramaphosa said the pandemic was expected to have ‘a significant and potentially lasting impact on our economy’.

At Octagon Financial, our approach has always been to invest for the long-term to reap maximum rewards. As such, we are recommending that our clients resist making any rash decisions right now regarding investments or policies.

However, we do understand that some clients might be concerned about potential loss of income as a result of the pandemic, and we would therefore like to offer the following assistance:

    • We can reassess your short-term insurance needs, and provide a new quote for relevant insurance products
    • We can reassess your medical aid cover and look for opportunities to save you money on your monthly premiums

It is important to remember that the current situation is an evolving one, and that the influences that are affecting your policy today might not be around tomorrow.

While we strongly suggest not cancelling or, where possible, downgrading your policies, we are open to assisting you in any way we can to navigate this challenging time.

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