Vitality Wellness Day 2018. Book your assessments today!

This year Octagon Financial has partnered with the Centre for Advanced Medicine for all its Discovery Vitality assessments.
The centre offers a full medical suite of practitioners, which allows you to book multiple assessments.

Date: Tuesday 27 February 2018 or Tuesday 6th of March.
Address: 13 Scott Street, Waverly.

Appointments must be booked directly with the Centre for Advanced Medicine on 011 033 1340.

Some of the assessments on offer include:

The health assessment is free for Discovery Health members. The following assessments will be available:



Points Earned






Health check + HIV test Up to 25,000 Free for DHMS members (R 435) Once a year
Fitness Up to 7,000 R 400 Once a year
Dietician Consultation 1,000 R 370 Once a year
Dental check-up 1,000 R 317 Once a year
Vitality Age* 2,500 Free – online Once a year
Pap smear (age 18+) 2,500 Free for DHMS members Every 2nd year
Mammogram (age 40+) 2,500 Free for DHMS members (R 1,700) Every 2nd year
Bone Density (age 65+) 2,500 Free for DHMS members (R 1,828) Every 2nd year

*Vitality age = 2 500 points / free NB. To do online every January to activate healthy food cash-back at 25%

Download the PDF to view the full list of activities where you can earn Vitality points, or access the new online tool below.

Download the full PDF here

Discovery Calculator