Look beyond our borders to diversify your portfolio

Look beyond our borders to diversify your portfolio

Author: Neil Jankelowitz

We all acknowledge that these are challenging times, but they also provide an opportunity to move the industry forward in a new way.

When we look back at the past few quarters, it is evident that times have been difficult from both a day to day living point of view as well as in the investment world.

One can either hide under a rock out of sheer terror, or take an approach of looking for and finding those opportunities that exist around us.

In the recent past, we have seen a clear shift towards adding layers of diversification to financial portfolios, such as geographical diversification. Here at Octagon, we have been running direct offshore solutions for several years. We made a concerted effort about two years ago to ensure that we had the best solution for our clients that the market place could offer.

We decided to start working with Sanlam Four directly from our London office. What they offer us is a wealth of knowledge as well as many years of experience into this complex universe. Together with our own expertise, we are proud to be able to stand up and confidently place clients’ funds into this solution.

We strongly urge you to make some time with your financial advisor to explore the opportunities that exist beyond our shores, and ensure that your portfolio is well diversified on many levels, with a special focus on the greater world out there.