Octagon Financial launches Octagon Experience in its quest for service excellence

Octagon Financial launches Octagon Experience in its quest for service excellence

Octagon Financial Services, an independent financial solutions company, is pleased to announce the launch of the Octagon Experience, a unique and highly advanced Customer Relationship Management system.

“At Octagon we focus on looking after our clients and gaining superior returns for them. However, we have never been content with just being good at what we do, we aim to be brilliant,” says Menachem Kay, CEO, Octagon Financial. “This quest for excellence starts and ends with our clients. The Octagon Experience is all about ensuring that we are completely in tune with our clients’ wants and needs,” he adds.

Mr Kay goes on to say that at Octagon the client always comes first. “Growing wealth for our clients is and always has been our primary business. Our biggest priority is to build trusting long-term relationships where we focus on each client’s wealth creation and preservation. In a business where wealth generation, growth and stability are the end goal, our clients must feel valued.”

The philosophies driving Octagon Financial are passion and business excellence, which continue to build relationships of trust. To achieve this objective the company has implemented the Octagon Experience that identifies each customer’s personal communication style, needs and values in order to customise its service offering around these needs and values.

“Communication styles ultimately drive decision-making and it’s our objective to ensure that we engage with each and every customer on a level that gets the best result for them,” says Mr Kay. “We offer a wide range of financial services, which meet the needs that our clients have, however the Octagon Experience is about creating a more enhanced and holistic experience for our clients, where they will experience unparalleled value,” he says.

My Kay says that Octagon Financial focuses its efforts on understanding what is important to each client in order to help each client build and maintain lifelong financial prosperity. “As we take our current clients on this journey, we invite potential clients to join us for the Octagon Experience where we will demonstrate how we can use this understanding to help you build and maintain unprecedented wealth creation,’ he concluded.